The basics for today’s business of MEK-MOTTA d.o.o. were established in 1995 when a family shop with modest production capacity was established with a strong desire to make quality meat product based on original recipes.

As an answer to the needs of more and more prominent costumers, by high-level professional team, we constantly improve our technology, we choosing the best quality cattle from Zlatibor pastures, with carefully monitoring all of the stages of production we created meet products that have been positioned at the very top of the market for more than two decades. A brand is created.

In 2011, the business exceeded the framework of the entrepreneurial shop and a new form of organization in the form of a limited liability company was obtained. The need for expansion of production capacities, which is conditioned by the constantly increased demand of the market, has made it necessary to start investing in 2013 in a new production and storage space.

Already in June 2015, we begin the production activities in a new business facility that is built by the highest standards required by the food industry. The facility is equipped with very modern and functional equipment for the production and storage of products. Moving the production process into a new facility we created excellent conditions for increasing both the production capacities and product range, as well as increasing the number of employees.

The quality system is recognized in the company as an important segment of further development and we constantly investing in it. In order to ensure stability of production quality, the company organized its work according to the HACCP standard system for which the certificate was obtained.

In 2008, the company Mek-Motta started cooperation in the form of meat production for Pink Ćevabdžinice d.o.o. Kragujevac. In this way, Pink Ćevapdžinice become a general distributor of our meat and meat products.